Late Effects After Treatment Tool

Many of the treatments that cure childhood cancer can cause problems even years after treatment has ended. These complications are known as “late effects.” Two-thirds of all survivors will experience one or more late effects from their disease and/or treatment.

Use our Late Effects After Treatment Tool (LEATT) to learn about the potential late effects that may occur as a result of having cancer and treatment as a child. The tool provides results specifically for you, based on the information you enter.

The LEATT takes fewer than ten minutes to complete. Your results will tell you about potential late effects, symptoms to look for, provide recommendations for follow-up care, and offer prevention tips that may help reduce your risk for further health issues. Consider sharing your results with your doctor and always seek medical advice if you have any concerns.

The Late Effects After Treatment Tool was completed in collaboration with Robert Hayashi, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Director, Late Effects Clinic, St. Louis Children’s Hospital/Washington University School of Medicine.